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29 January 2016 @ 09:05 pm
So I just got back into the KH fandom after a couple years and I can't find this one fic so I'm hoping someone could help me out?
I remember very little about the story, other than I'm pretty sure that it was a longer SoraxRiku fic. I think they almost switched Riku and Sora's role, with Riku as the keyblade weilder and Sora as the one who used the darkness. I'm pretty sure they were in an established relationship and the only scene I remember in detail would be the ending where (sorry if I'm not allowed to post spoilers) eveybody believed that Sora had sacrificed himself to save the world but it really turned into something like the end of KH2 where Sora ended up falling from the sky as a shooting star.
If anybody recognizes this I will be so grateful! 
30 August 2014 @ 11:47 pm
For any fellow SoRiku fans still hanging around here, here is a list of fanfic recs I've compiled. Happy reading!

18 February 2014 @ 10:33 am
It's a little late and probably nobody will notice but here
is the first few pages of my fan comic: the sun & the moon.

Clicky clicky
10 January 2013 @ 06:37 pm
I feel like ever since 2007 any and all Riku/Sora fics are really awful AUs about models and vampires and high school... you get the picture. So does anyone have some recs for quality Riku/Sora fics that aren't AU?
04 January 2013 @ 11:20 pm
I found this really good Sora/riku fic on the Spring Kinkfest community...and it had like no reviews! It's Genderswitching, heads up but i felt I should tell people about it because it deserves more reviews. 

Title: Transfiguration (1/2)
Author: havelocke
Prompt: Kingdom Hearts, Sora/Riku: Genderswitch - Riku drinks the wrong kind of Potion.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Oral.


sorry for the ugly link.
02 October 2012 @ 09:19 am

Title: Sounds of Thunder

Pairing: Sora/Riku, Axel/Roxas, Axel/Larxene

Rating: R

Wordcount: 10,500

Betas: alovelysilence

Warnings: random historical inaccuracies, character death, violence, language, sex, drug references, a whole smattering of other things. Oh, and violence.

A/N: Loosely based on the historical town of Deadwood, South Dakota and the HBO series “Deadwood,” as well as a myriad of things including: my summer job and homesteading research, following parts of the Oregon Trail, and playing the classic Oregon Trail game growing up. The title is from a quote by Wild Bill Hickok in “Deadwood;” his fate is a bit of a clue here.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or any of the characters within.

Summary: At the request of his order a preacher attempts to navigate the murky moral and social grounds of a mining town dominated by greed and lust. After forming an unlikely partnership with a local bartender and gossipmonger, Father Riku is drawn into a world of murderers and thieves - but as he becomes more involved will he heed the warning signs - or become one of them?

Part 1: The Players Assemble
Part 2: Dead Man's Hand
Was it just me or was that the best, most slashiest RikuxSora secnes and dialogue ever? (well aside from that one time in KH2 heh)
18 August 2012 @ 05:05 pm
Hi. I was wondering if you could all send Me EVERY Riku/Anti-Sora fics that you know of? I am actually looking for one in particular. It was set in a room with stone walls, so, probably the castle, and, Riku conjured up a Anti, and, pretty sure that they're was wall sex. Or, maybe not. But, regardless if it took place against a wall or not, the story was pretty graphic, sexually speaking. This was not a g-pg ficcie, kiddies. (This also, very slight chance, been a SORA/Anti-Sora. So, send Me any of those too, pretty please? :) ) It was between 1 thousand, and five thousand words. So, small. And, the first time I ever read it, wasn't on fanfic.net, or any of the journals. Was the authors own site I think. But, I know that is vague, and it was years ago I read it, so, could be fudging details. So, if everyone could send any and ALL Anti(shadow, dark, heartless, whatever.)-Sora//Riku's, maybe I can find it. And get to re-read it again. Kicking Myself for not saving it. So, anyone, help a gal out, pretty please with Sora, and Riku on top?
So I am fortunate enough to own two copies of this amazing doujinshi, so I would like to give one a new home to a loving RS doujinshi collector like myself. It is in perfect condition. No scratches and no bending.

This is a very very thick doujinshi and is hands down my favorite Kingdom Hearts doujinshi out there. All of this circles doujinshis are so wonderful. Any additional information please let me know.

Price: $75 (including shipping within the US/Canada)
(Everywhere else, please add $10)